Crime Prevention

Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Program

Mission Statement:

“The Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Program was implemented to identify local criminal occurrences, create programs to deter local criminal activity and to disseminate information to leadership, agencies, and community members. The Blood Tribe Police Service Crime Prevention Program incorporates Blackfoot traditions and culture into programming to encourage language revitalization and cultural continuity. The Crime Prevention Coordinator is tasked with creating culturally appropriate programs and initiatives to empower youth, encourage community mobilization, address social issues that contribute to criminal behaviors and collaborate with agencies on and off reserve to create strategies to minimize recidivism and growing local crime trends.”


Support local grassroots programs, support local youth programs and initiatives, create innovative programming, work with local Elders and community groups, work closely with the Kainai Board of Education, Collaborate with the Blood Tribe Police Service School Resource Officer. Facilitate training, coordinate volunteers, coordinate community events and information sessions. Network with local agencies and build positive relationships within the community.


  • Turnip Hill Summer Archery program
  • 1st Annual Blood Tribe Police Service Youth Games
  • Kainai Youth Empowerment Committee initiatives
  • SADD (Students Against Drinking and Driving) chapter at Kainai High School
  • National Pink Shirt Day (Bullying prevention initiative)
  • Project S.U.C.C.E.S.S (Schools Using Coordinated Community Efforts to Strengthen Students) – Proceeds of Crime grant recipient
  • Project Child Recovery after-school program
  • Aboriginal Shield prevention education program
  • Medication Take-back Week
  • Crime Prevention Week

Contact information:

Phone: (403)737-8800