Community Policing Division

Community Policing Division

The Community Policing Division is responsible for community oriented policing that promotes community based problem solving, collaborative partnerships with businesses, innovative community programs, and superior service delivery.

The Community Policing Division provides full service to the many communities of the Blood Reserve 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Police services can be activated through our independant Communications Centre by telephone:

Dial: (403) 737-3800 or Emergeny 911.

The Community Policing Division is organized into four watches which operate day and night around the clock. Each watch is staffed by a Sergeant and five Constables. The Community Policing Division conducts patrols and general investigations within the borders of the Blood Reserve and works closely with partners in neighbouring law enforcement organizations and other emergency services.

The Community Policing Division is the largest group within the Blood Tribe Police Service and remains the backbone for much of our organization. Day or night our professionals patrol our many communities, providing assistance to neighboring agencies, problem solving in residents's homes, enforcing traffic laws and responding to every call for service covered under the Provincial Statutes all the way up to the entire spectrum of the Criminal Code.

The Community Policing Division is always on duty, always available and committed to the safety and well being of the residents of the Blood Reserve.