BTPS Kids and Kops

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BTPS hosted its first Kids and Kops program aimed at creating opportunities for members of the police service to engage and interact with children and youth in the community. Participants were provided opportunities to experience some of the aspects of police work and for police to offer mentoring to these young people.

These children were sworn in as Junior Officers on their first day and began being exposed to the policing environment here at the BTPS. Just as in basic training, values were relayed that set the stage for the Junior Officers to follow as they navigated through the program. The Junior Officers participated in drill exercise and quickly caught on to commands.

Partner agencies were brought in to assist with exposing these children to the various aspects of police work, those included RCMP Forensic Investigation Services (Ident), RCMP Police Dog Services and the Blood Tribe Fire Department. Also supporting this program was the Blood Tribe Bus Co-op, they transported the children to and from the office.

The highlight for the Junior Officers was the advanced driving course where they were partnered with police officers who drove the Junior Officers through the obstacle course ending in the arrest of a suspect. Lights/sirens and squealing tires made for a fun time.

The program ended with a formal graduation ceremony where graduates received a certificate that they can proudly display as being a participant in the first ever Kids and Kops program. This was enjoyed by their families and community members.

This program was funded by Blood Tribe Brighter Futures and could not have happened without the hard work, planning and involvement of the following:

  • Constable Catlin Chiasson
  • Constable Kayla Whissell
  • Constable Mario Bruised Head – SRO
  • Chancy Black Water - CPC
  • Cadet Constable Tyler Deagle
  • SRO Cadet Brittany Big Swallow
  • SRO Cadet Albertine Panther Bone
  • Chayce Buckskin
  • William Eagle Bear
  • Vance Chief Moon
  • Constable Jared Sutton

Thank you to these members who have participated to make this first ever Kids and Kops a huge success.

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