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Message From The Chief

The Blood Tribe Police Service has been working through transition over the last three years and will continue to experience change over the next several years.  The catalyst of the change is a strategic plan that recognizes the community’s desire to have an efficient, modern and accountable police service.  It also recognizes the need for growth as the community itself grows and the population increases.

One of the major challenges for the police service has been modernization.  Prior to 2010 many of the technological systems had become outdated and required immediate attention. As a result new audio video monitoring and security systems, telephone switchboard and cell phone and data systems were acquired.  A GPS tracking and vehicle mechanics monitoring system was also procured to provide additional officer safety and accountability.   These systems were further enhanced with the implementation of new data servers, work stations and operating system. 

The Blood Tribe Police Service was an active supporter of the Government of Alberta sponsored API3 Records Management System (RMS).  A decision was made several years ago to adopt that system which would allow all Alberta police services to share intelligence.  An RMS is the main database a police service uses to track its activities.  Our service was using the RCMP PIRS system and planned to continue using it until API3 became available.  Unfortunately because of delays of the API3 project it was not available before PIRS was decommissioned.  That left BTPS with no RMS. Through the generous support of the Lethbridge Regional Police Service the BTPS was able to use an interim system hosted by them. That system was limited in its capabilities and was only viable for short term use. 

The API3 system was activated for BTPS in late January of 2013. All of the BTPS records were converted to API3 and the system. A short time later API3 was cancelled as part of the Alberta Budget.  Since that time a good deal of time and effort have been spent with the Alberta Government and a consultant to determine the next steps required to move away from API3 and on to an as of yet undetermined alternative. 

All police officers who serve with the BTPS are required to meet the Province of Alberta Hiring Standards.  Most have received their training from the RCMP Training Academy. Ongoing training is received throughout their careers.  The type and amount of courses available to our officers is the envy of many other services.  Through the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) our officers are provided with on-line training opportunities which provided on-going updates to basic police skills and changing legislation and prepare them for more advanced training.  Twenty six (26) of twenty nine (29) officers received one or more individual courses (3 officers were off on suspension or illness for most of the year). There were 21 courses, (API3 training, CPKN training and annual firearms qualifications) that all officers were required to take.

This year saw the implementation of our new web site which has a friendlier user interface and allows us customization to better serve the public and provide the information required. The BTPS is striving to provide ongoing new information to the public through this media in a timely fashion.

We continue to provide the best possible policing to the public and are making many proactive steps to reduce crime and victimization


H.L. (Lee) Boyd

Chief of Police