2014 Kainai Pow Wow

2014 Kainai Pow Wow

July 18 to July 20th, 2014 marked the 48th annual Kainai Pow Wow & Celebration held at Red Crow Park here in Standoff, Alberta. The Blood Tribe Police were honoured to not only attend, but to participate in the weekend's events.

The Pow Wow is a celebration of Blackfoot history, traditions and language through traditional songs, dances and events. It's a celebration that involves culture events including traditional dance and drumming competitions, an all Indian rodeo, hand game tournaments and various sporting events.

This year's event hosted over 1,000 dancers and competitors from all over Canada and the U.S. The weekend of celebration was kicked off with a pancake breakfast and entertainment from Armond Duck Chief Friday morning at the Blood Tribe Police station.

The BTP Team was then on-site at the Pow Wow for the rest of the weekend as a show of involvement and support for the local community. The Team was meeting and greeting members of the Blood Tribe as well as visiting with out-of-town guests.

The BTP tee pee was set up near the main entrance (an iconic welcome for event attendees and passerbys) alongside a booth staffed with team members handing out recruitment swag such as mini-fans, lanyards, mugs, patches and more.

In addition to attending the festivities as members of the community and guests, the BTP Team wanted to raise awareness about the recruitment division and interact with potential new police officer recruits as recruitment is a fundamental part of the Blood Tribe Police.